• Lynn Costa

Studio IV Blog #12. The Road Ends Here. For Now.

Here we're asked to examine architecture portfolios to create and develop our own. I'm finding less is more here. Distractions of things like exuberant colors and busy pages can detract from your ideas.

Ali Karimi is a grad student at Harvard and demonstrates less is more. He focuses on muted colors and simple perspectives to convey his work. He also plays with scale and monochromatic colors to create a unique portfolio.

Benoit Meranda focuses on sky detail in his imagery to create realistic images. It's almost like you're flipping through a coloring book that's already been colored by a genius. I'm not up to that level yet of realistic imagery but I think I've got time for that.

Riley Rinnan has almost a cubist perspective on her portfolio compilation. There is a heavy sense of abstract which I can appreciate. Unlike the others listed, there is not a happy knack for clarity however, the results deliver a neat result.

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