• Lynn Costa

Studio IV Blog #3... The First Project of the Semester!

#1 Iconic Photo - This design shapes light and space in an unconventional site, making use of a alleyway of only 3.5 feet wide. New vertical circulation above the alley gives a roomy 7 feet wide transitional space. Geometric patterns play with the sun and shade to give a variety of areas to convene in depending upon your mood.

#2 Structural Framework is composed of a sturdy 4"x6" steel to give strength and verticality along and throughout the entire structure.

#3 - Intimate gathering are easy to find within this structure.

#4 - New Circulation - The design bears a bold circulation path which allows light, wind, and many people to easy transition from one space to another. This replaces an 85' x 3.5' wide alley way which allowed one person to easily transition from space to space.

#5 Day and Night can be observed through an open and airy space.

#6 - Observational Space - this space at the top of the main structure which allows views into the entire campus.

#7 - Light and Shadow - the geometric shapes cascades throughout playing with light and shadow throughout the entire design.

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