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Studio IV Blog #6 - Aquaponics and Hydroponics


The Flourish Aquaponics Farm by Colorado Aquaponics located in Denver, Colorado

Flourish Aquaponics Farm features a 30'L x 96'H x 14'H floor plan. It is light steel frame construction with plenty of windows for light. It is meant to be oriented on the east/west axis to take full advantage of the southern sun. It has two 8' x 72' deep water culture troughs to grow leafy greens at high rates. Troughs are framed with 1" galvanized steel tubing. Four 300 gallon tanks are used to raise fish (tilapia, koy, catfish or hybrid bass) which is enough space to ensure troughs get proper nutrients from fish supply.

This Flourish Aquaponics greenhouse also features a nursery to grow seedlings; 72 sq ft of raised media beds to grow cropping fruit; a Wicking bed 32' long and 24" tall to grow rooting veggies like carrots; a quarantine and purging system which isolates new species to prevent incoming disease and can also purge fish from the main tank system so they can be harvested for sale; and decoupling system in case the need arises to separate the fish supply from the deep water troughs.

This system is so helpful because the design has solutions built into it which makes common aquaponics problems and chores easier to resolve.

Visit the site (and photographs source) here


100' underground lies the Clampham North Shelter located in London, UK. This hydroponic farm is an 1,805 square feet abandoned bomb shelter made from steel purchased in 2014 by a company "Grow Underground." The intent of the company "Grow Underground" was to answer the call for carbon neutral farming.

It uses the highly efficient LED lighting and requires 70% less water than that of traditional agriculture. This farm specializes in greens with a short growth cycle. They grow basil, mizuna, coriander, mustard leaf, rocket, radish, and garlic chive.

This concept is wonderful because it expands ideas where food can be grown. The most environmentally aware thing we can do is utilize existing structures to work for today's needs in an efficient way. Maybe the older brother who grew pot in his closet was on to something special after all...

Click here to visit the article and photos of Grow Underground.

Click here to visit the Grow Underground Site

Vertical Hydroponics Farm to be located in Shanghai, People's Republic of China

This vertical farm was design by Sasaki Architects and will serve to assist feeding some 24 million people in Shanghai with fast growing Chinese staple vegetables such as kale, lettuce, and spinach. Steel structures will rotate to allow for full advantage of the sun while the saw tooth roof will collect rain water into basins. Plants will be fed by aquaponic tanks.

What makes this location so special is the many functions the complex will serve. It will serve as a local museum, a waterfront fitness trail, educational center, plaza and digital amphitheater.

To visit this site for further information and more photos, click here.

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