• Lynn Costa

Studio IV Blog Entry #2, January 25th 2019

Robert Ie Ricolais's Tensegrity - "Art of Structure is Where to Put the Holes"There are no dimensions or location where this model is located but the triangulation demonstrated is something I look to incorporate for the strength and art in one breath.

Check out the the "Art of Structure is Where to Put the Holes" here.

"Perforated Surface" was designed by Alexander Reyes. There is no dimension given for this particular model but it demonstrates the gathering of the same geometric figure, in this case a box, to create an entire, unique structure. Each box is tilted in a variety of ways slightly, but not so much that it becomes unclear the it is the same shape. I adopted this into my design using rectangular passage ways and windows, creating gradients in some areas.

Check out this "Perforated Surface" here.

The Stilted House was built in Taiwan in 2016. It was designed by Wang Hsiao-Kuei and is 260 sq meters big. This structure demonstrates a pier foundation grid system which is something I have looked to incorporate into my design due to its effectiveness in support.

Check out this model here.

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